Friday, April 10, 2009

No Honorary Law Degree for the bama.

Breaking news no Honorary law Degree for the bama. Arizona is dodging a great deal of grief in the form of anti bama sentiment.He is NO ACADEMIC of note.For six days and nights I have tried to call Notre Dame to protest the bama's speech and his honorary law degree.( 1-800-221-9460 and 1-205-271-2980 and )

The US Catholic Bishops (pictured here) are for the most part against the bama being the man of the year at a Catholic College and that is about time to hear from them. The protest has garnered thousands of objections in the form of a petition.
Notre Dame is being taken off the list of Catholic Colleges. Alumni are withdrawing financial support. Notre Dame has been corrupted by progressives and the Orthodox Catholic colleges like Ave Maria College is about to get more Law School applications. That is the good that will come from the Notre Dame protest. It should be noted Notre Dame has been slipping of late being a real Catholic University anyway. There are other Orthodox Catholic Colleges who would never think of inviting the bama. This is the last straw.

As far as the bama writing for the Harvard Law Review: affirmative action brought Harvard down and the Review rendered worthless in that period.
The bama is indeed an "F" rated law student and passed by affirmative action which clouds real academic achievement.

The bama as he makes appointments for the Supreme Court in his one term as president will show the Nation that he is a subverter of the Constitution with his belief that it is "a living document " and meant to be tampered with by activists judges.
I suggest Phyllis Shaffley's book The Supremists as a sort of primer to understand what activist judges have done to corrupt the Highest Law of the Land.