Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Party Safety On My Mind

Do not get me wrong ,I am not a peace maker though I know I should be.
My thinking is that if a loud mouth/screaming banshee ACORN worker starts carrying on at your Tea Party -DO NOT ENGAGE.
Their object is to make you respond but if you walk away-turn away-remain silent and glazed over they will lose some of their heat. Most normal people will want to look at the screamer as something new and different. You need to look away-not towards the "accident" and remain calm.
If it is a small Tea Party- LEAVE.
If it is a large rally make a large silent circle around him/her or them.

If you are there to get a bloody head then engage ,if not then leave.
Get my drift?
My frame of reference is from teaching in an inner city High School where cafeteria fights were with fists, knives and thrown chair parts. ACORN is not going to engage in a innocent food fight they heat up very quickly and become violent very quickly.
Remember their leader is an inner- city thug tactician aka community organizer who told them to get up in your face.
If you have not read about NAZI mob tactics or commie Alinsky crowd control then for sure you need to leave.
Do not take the attitude that this is your staked territory. It may be but it is under seige if ACORN appears. Do not try to show off or you will be bloodied in no time.
My hopes are that there will not be enough of the jerks to get to all of the rallies.