Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Great American From Chicago-Phyllis Schlafly

Part of any study of Great Republican Women Patriots is Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly who is a lawyer from Chicago* and who almost single handedly defeated the misguided ERA. I have come to realize the wisdom of her actions throughout the years. She is the founder of Eagle Forum a Conservative site. On her site she endorses only true full-spirited Conservative candidates. No RINOS make it past her keen screening. I visit that site every election season. She was injured recently so she did not attend CPAC and young Conservatives missed her brilliant legal,mind in her not being able to attend. She is the author of many books but The Supremists, which is about the destruction of the activist judges on the Supreme Court, is one everyone should read. In the above video Mrs. Schlafly supports the upcoming TEA PARTIES. On a personal note , I do not know why I was surprised to find her backing this great Patriot's Movement. She has always been there! *other greats from Chicago are Mary Matalin and Jeri Thompson- showing that not everyone from there is a thug.