Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am glad Cheney is on OUR side.

Chirs Cillizza writes for The Washington Post and always produces a simplistic view of his world. For that I am grateful. No one wants to spend a lot of time reading long,empty columns.
In the Washington Post he recenlty wrote about a poll in which people were not intersted in Dick Cheney and what he had to say about the security of America under Biden's bossman. I do not need to do a poll here to ask who is more rational Cheney or Biden?
I was pretty neutral about Dick Cheney when he was Vice President but his stock has risen by leaps and bounds in my GLAD- I- AM- A -REPUBLICAN -PORTFOLIO.
The liberals are intent on daily power grabs and Chris is to be thanked.
Chris distracted the bama and his posse of banditos for a few seconds and got them away from tax and spending and trying to "George Soros America." Of course "George Soros America" means to try to bankrupt it for personal greed and vampire-like power.
I will have to use that Soros theme again soon. Like in a Poll of who do you trust more CHENEY or SOROS?
Good grief these liberals are such losers in the polls I can think up. It is as it should be.