Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Bam Bam's Litmus Test for SCOTUS

Let's get on with selecting anyone for SCOTUS. I can't wait.
I want to see the circus the bama's selection creates.
Minorities being freed from murder charges and driving while drunk will make it to the Supremes and they will, under the bama's litmus test, be set free because of the technicality of their poverty possessed lives.
THE SCOTUS will soon mean LADY JUSTICE will have her blindfold removed as she looks out at the color of one's skin.
The fact that the ABA (American Bar Association) has been recently detected as an ACORN type of bama group does not help. The ABA has been asked to make asuggestion to the bama for the Supreme Court.
My favorite term for a court for illegal trials and sentencings is KANGAROO COURT.
Justice sans blindfold and with a dash of chaos as she topples over.
These facts will render Suppreme Court decisions meaningless.