Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prejudice Against Poor Israeli and Christian Children

In answer to a comment on STOP THE ACLU about how we all should donate to poor children other than Israeli children,because children are children the world over. I sent money directly to Israel to help fotify the children's bomb shelters
and to give them money for books and toys for their long hours in the bomb shelters. Hezbollah threatens them daily so they spend a great deal of time running to the shelters. The comment's hidden meaning was that we should not contribute to poor Jewish children.
These are some other experiences : I used to give to a Christian children's organization and I sponsored a muslim child for two years. The organization took the word "Christian" out of the title. The child I sponsored bought a desk and a bike to go to his madrasas in Jarkarta. That was fine. His mother wrote and told me he had more confidence now and that he read the Koran well. ( Meaning he repeated it and used rote memory.) That was fine.
Then I sponsored a girl with World Vision in Thailand for two years and that was fine.
Now I no longer use those two organizations because I donate directly to Catholic Charities and schools around the world. One catholic school in Morrocco had more Islamic children than Catholics. That was fine.
I direct my donations right now to Alaskan Catholic Diocese . There are three of them.
I sign my contributions -TEAM SARAH MEMBER.
I am most happy with that way do designate my money to its rightful destination.
No one is going to tell me to send money to children other than Alaskan rural Catholic School children; or for that matter to Jewish poor children.
My children are MY CHILDREN.
America is spinning out of control but we will not listen to what the bama wants to do with American taxes. Sneaky inserts showing hatred against Jews is not going to work well.
That is more than fine.