Sunday, May 24, 2009

Newt Says America Has Already Had Enough

This Memorial Day weekend has had such phony pictures and speeches from the bambam about American Honor and Traditions. I am not falling for it.
On Friday in the Washington Post Newt Gingrich wrote about our hope of continuing American Honor and Traditions.

Sock it to em sock it to em....
Newt =Excellent Analysis.
People like Rambo Emmanuel ,however ,will try to round up a bunch of democrat (DSP)candidates and lie about their positions so they can get elected.
They, of course, would join in with the Democrat Socialist Party majority. In the end obama will keep control.
Newt says people may see through this scheme and vote the present majority out of office or not vote for any more DSP candidates who would join the ruinous majority in Congress.

James Carville needs to wear a hat in the sun. It boils his brain when he gushes about the DSP keeping its tentacles wrapped around Americans for the next 50 years. Newt says America has already had enough.
Tea Parties on July 4th and September 12th will be warnings for the DSP.