Monday, May 11, 2009


I used to watch Wanda all the time but then she fizzled and disappeared off TV.
Her performance is a quid pro quo for the Potty Mouth Potus.
The bama was searching for a "crack ho" for his short list of nominations for SCOTUS vacancy. He already has two lesbians but he needed to add a black woman. I think it was Reid who said the bama did not need to have a lawyer for a nominee so Wanda is perfect. She has little knowledge of the law or anything else. PUUURRRFECT.
No one is going to pay attention to his selection any way or the Court's decisions. No one except the obots who have empathy for crooks and pimps and thieves who appeal to the highest court in the land.
Wanda will be seated at a time when the Supreme Court may be televised. Oh my, burlesque is the bama's justice and reward for those of us who did not vote for him . He thinks we need more laughs. We need to tune into more comedy.
I will still call him President Mute Button Obambam ,though.