Monday, May 25, 2009

Words I wished I 'd said about Colin Powell

How to end the Colin Powell as a "legend" in my party. The thoughts of how to were posted by M from TS.

"Colin Powell has lost all creditability as far as I'm concerned. He has put this country at risk and people are going to get hurt because of it. He (Powell) may have once been great militarily, but he weakened a nation. He knew as well as the rest of us that BO had no experience, militarily and this is not the time for on the job training."

He knew! He knew! I say over and over again and yet he voted for obama because he was black. Powell is a "legend" in his OWN mind. He is a "legend" to this phony sack of protoplasm. Together they will take down America ,trash our flag and our leadership as #1 in the world ;trash our Constitution. It is absolutely infuriating!

Powell has exposed the Republican/Conservatives for derision by the Democrat Socialist Party and the liberal biased press. He wants us to have a BIG TENT for him to perform in. I say put him in the same tent that an ex-con helped design in Dallas ,Texas. Yes, the one that fell!

I urge you to vote in the Poll on this page. You can vote and get some of your anger out of your system.