Friday, May 1, 2009

Republican's National Council for a New America:They invite Governor Palin

I am most interested in the Governor Palin connection they are trying to publicize here.
Governor Palin would be a nuudge(sic) to agree to attend these press conferences for the “boys.” The last time she was with them they practically stood behind her and picked her up by the elbows and set her aside. They hogged the TV cameras and the platforms with their endless blather.
Governor Palin is not a nuudge and she should avoid this chance at acting out horizontal hostility. Reagan warned of these chances to bash each other in the party but Republicans have no idea how to structure group dynamics to avoid this.
The only other things I have to say are :
I saw the Cantor kid’s give-away smile as he announced this group’s formation. The grin was a give-away as to how his ego was being stroked with this chance to be hogging the TV camera. Blather, blather and more blather.
Mc Cain has no idea what Governor Palin should or should not be doing.
Bobby Jindal needs to be put in a corner and not pushed out as a front man for my Party.
The Alaskan Governor has made it clear she is most interested in running Alaska and watching over its fiscal welfare.
Governor Palin would be wise to avoid this group and the Mc Cain’s Siren Call into dangerous waters .
The rest of us in the Party can sit back and watch what the “boys” have to offer.