Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mirror , Mirror On The Wall.Who Is Fattest Of Them All?

I buy cars made in America.
I support GM cars because a handful of my relatives work for GM.
I bought a Cadillac CTS because it offers a great maintenance program. I use a tank of gas every two months. I am too short to climb into a HUMMER or I might have purchased one.
But really! How much more simple can my life get?
I do not give a hoot about Fat Al and his greed to make money on Global Warming Schemes. Debbie Stebbie (D), Fat Al and their boss with the Jet fuel wasting in Air Force One, need to change their greedy carbon foot prints.
The bambam and other Democrat Socialist Party elitists make me remember the times of the OLD USSR in their founding days.The early days when their party leadership drove the biggest cars they could get while the Russian populace lived in cold water flats filled with 20 people to a room.
It is all in the attitude.