Sunday, May 24, 2009


I always change the title of Obama book to ETHICS OF MY FATHER aka NO ETHICS AT ALL. Which would be about how the Odinga clan's leadership is brought about by the Obama clan's bloody unscrupulous fighting for them. Civil war in Kenya to bring about the present day dictatorship. It's in the blood or more accurately it is in Barack Huesin’s memory bank. Right next to RULES FOR RADICALS.
Barack looks calm because he thinks he is in charge of our enslavement.
TOTUS once was BOOKUS. The Ayers and Obama collaboration on books but first to the Harvard Law Review. Which brings in another point.
What kind of law school lets students enter with criminal minds to kill the United States Constitution and leave with the same mind set? And now we find him in a position to appoint an empathetic lawyer to the SCOTUS.