Monday, December 14, 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas-Move America Forward Style

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“On the First Day of Christmas,
Our Soldiers Gave to Us . . .

the Greatest Country on earth!”

Move America Forward will mark our 12 Days of Christmas by chronicling the gifts that American troops have given to us since the first days of our Great Country. Each day we will tell the story of that gift and why we must celebrate our troops.

We owe our troops so much. Today, our brave men and women protect us against radical Jihadists who want to exterminate our way of life. From the birth of our country until today, American troops have stood for liberty at home and around the world.

We at Move America Forward ask you to show our troops that we are thankful for each gift they have given us.

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Today, on MAF’s First Day of Christmas, we remember the gift of our country.

The United States of America did not exist before patriots led by Gen. George Washington stood and fought for her. They laid down their lives, struggled in brutal weather, and fought the best-equipped war-machine in the world – the British Army and Navy.

On Christmas Day, 1776, Gen. George Washington crossed the Delaware River with 2,400 American soldiers. The conditions were harsh – freezing water, a menacing sky. Washington’s men pushed forward in a bold move during the Revolutionary War. Some of his men fell ill, their supplies dwindled, yet they moved forward on this Christmas Day with the hearts of heroes.

Those same hearts beat in the men and women who now serve our country around the world.

Because of Gen. George Washington, his men and the women who supported their efforts, we have a long tradition of heroes who are willing to fight for our country. That is why we are celebrating every one of our heroes as they fight for our freedom, the very liberty that allows us to enjoy our holidays in safety as our troops fight in brutal conditions in the Middle East.
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Our troops can get lonely during the holidays. They are thousands of miles away from their families and their homes in America.

Our troops volunteer to protect everything that is good in America, and they continue to give us the gifts we will highlight over the next 11 days.