Thursday, December 31, 2009

Constitutional Law aka Con 1 or the frosh class that Obama skipped everyday!

So you want to be a law student? Get out your dictionaries* and notebook and pen and take notes.
I suppose Obama, Biden, Emmanuel, et al at one time vowed that they would study Law but somewhere along the line gave that idea up for ballet lessons and or drinking beer and smoking pot.Biden probably had a mentor for his learning disabilities-which set in early in his life.
Hey don't blame me for being sarcastic all the air is sucked out of my room by the mere mention of these stellar legal beagles and future Socialists.
Anyway , gather your study tools and lesson #1 is this video from HERITAGE FOUNDATION.
*dictionaries are Black Law Dictionary like Grey's Anatomy for med students only this one is called Black's for law students and the standard Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.###