Wednesday, December 9, 2009

National Tea Party Convention and Getting Ready for Tea Party Express III


There is a snow storm blowing in but warm thoughts of Christmas and the coming months of Conventions and Tea Party Bus Tours will prevail.

Governor Palin will be the KEYNOTE Speaker at the FIRST NATIONAL TEA PARTY CONVENTION February 4-6 in Nashville ,Tennessee. Rep. Michele Bachmann will speak at a breakfast meeting at the Convention.
Everything Governor Palin does brings her poll numbers up. Everything the Tea Party Rallies do bring up the poll numbers of our new TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. Not everyone is sold on the idea of Governor Palin being the leader of the Tea Parties but for some of us her absence from the actual rallies created a void at least for me. I have been waiting for the two phenomena to meld.

Then TEA PARTY EXPRESS III starts off Nevada on March 27th and ends at a Rally on Tax Day ,April 15th. The theme of third buses Caravan and Rallies is JUST VOTE THEM OUT Starting in Nevada with Harry Reid The Rally will feature all of his opponents for his re-election.