Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calling Dr. Grinch Reid and His Abortion Voting Record

Exposing Harry Reid at Christmas .Donate to Susan B. Anthony List on their Crusade to STOP TAX MONEY FOR ABORTIONS DONATE HERE

I have a Creche under my Christmas Tree and a stocking full of Coal for Harry Reid hanging in the closet. Reid is not part of Christmas celebrations with Birth Of The KING of KINGS.

He has a terrible ANTI LIFE VOTING RECORD. He is a furtive thief of our tax payer's money and votes in the dead of night to trick us into paying for murdering babies. The Death Care Bill is an OBAMA original. Reid and Obama are trying to take away the JOY OF CHRISTMAS EVE but we will expose them. Call Reid Today and Pray for the COVERSION OF OBAMA.