Saturday, December 12, 2009

Governor Palin Should Debate Fat Al The Snake Oil Ambassador

Last night(12/11/09 , Laura Ingraham subbed on the Bill O'Reilly Show. She let a dumb Al Gore mouth piece tell her that Global Warming caused by humans was now the LAW by consensus.
Laura lost the argument by not refuting the dumb cluck. She let him get away with this science by consensus garbage and his false premise that the whole topic was not political.
The CYPRESS TIMES WEIGHS IN WITH THIS ON THE 13th of December.Palin wins hands down.

It is political everything Gore/Obama do or endorse is political and WRONG.
Obama's definition of CONSENSUS: Throw out all data that disagrees with you. The Weirdo Al Gore pushers threw away any data that said the earth is cooling or that it runs on different climate changes all the time with out ever becoming a desert . That is at least it does not become a desert by man's car emissions.
Obama and thugs throw out all evidence that shows Americans want Health Care and blithely proceed with their obsessions of Universal Care aka Death Care.
What would Sarah Palin bring to the debate? The answer is her practical knowledge from governing her Arctic state and her lack of Gorish greed to make money on a pretend crisis. Al Gore won an Academy Award for manipulating some film (read here) in his presentation of Photo Shopped footage of a pretend crisis. He dealt up a delicious Disney alert about places and things that do no exist.
Now look at her speech which was later printed in Hillsdale College's Imprimis magazine as an article entitled "ALASKA'S PROMISE FOR THE NATION":

Contrast the man who wants to sell some used jalopy Carbon Credits with the woman who wants to give us a DRILL BABY DRILL attitude to benefit Americans today and in the near future. Contrast the freakish Copenhagen, shameful, democrat socialist, Potus who wants to spend trillions of dollars on a phony global warming crisis. Gore and Obama have been sniffing too much smoke and calling it smog. What is a real consensus on "global warming caused by man" and the real solutions to America's energy and debt problems? Ingraham, on the show muffled her comment about Sarah Palin selling 2 million copies of Going Rogue and Gore only selling 44,000 copies of his book. I am being hard on her but she needed to shut the cluck guest up so she could finish her sentence that it is the CONSENSUS of the American people , scientists included, that Gore is wrong and Palin is right. Throw out the truth and what you have left is an Obamanation and a Gorish bottle of snake oil.

It is exhausting work chipping away at the iceberg of evil of the democrat socialist pigs and tyrants. Townhall meetings,Tea Party Rallies and Marches on Washington, DC brought out Partiotic Americans with not pitchforks but ICE PICKS. We will chisel our way through to the land mass in the middle of the iceberg. We are beginning to see the green shores of America and the LAW OF THE LAND our CONSTITUTION in the middle.

We are the MAJORITY who want to get rid of the lies of Al Gore and Death Care of Obama. We want the leadership of Sarah Palin to fully thaw us out. This critical mass will help to make a consensus but a true consensus of a group is done by convincing everyone to one view point. Cheaters like Gore and Obama have nothing going for their argument and so they have had to throw away opposing view points and data to the contrary of what their personal opinions are. You can never get a consensus when there is such a large group of people left who diasagree with Gore's Junk Scince.
Good luck with that. Americans , like myself, never did take to Obama or Gorishness. I look at the grease on Al Gore's face and his fattened cheeks and say you are welcome to your slimy hypocrite ways but leave the rest os us out of it.

OK, before I do something I hate other bloggers to do- run on and on -I will develop more on Consensus, junk science and junk Potus death wishes for us.