Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Thoughts For Catholics et al

Catholics should not laugh at sin but you have to gawk at the sinners in this veritable train wreck. It's a downer train all the way to Hades. It's a long train with many cars. Makes me think when I use my prayer card from ALL- a Pro-life group-do I really mean for God to save and convert Obama's soul or am I being a hypocrite?
Look at the photos here in Politico and on this site today and see the tangled web of murder and deception . Do you damn Reid/Obama/Pilosi/Landrieu/Nelson or do you leave it up to GOD . Sarah Palin says "REVENGE IS NOT MINE" all of the time. It belongs to GOD.
Whew, I am glad I do not have to act too Un-Catholic by extracting a pound of flesh.
I can't wait to see what HIS next answer to my prayers will be.