Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wouldn't this make a great Christmas card?

Wouldn't this great photo of Todd and Sarah Palin with the Christmas Tree in the background, make a great Christmas card? The two are sitting at a books signing tour for GOING ROGUE from the stop for Fort Hood, Texas.

The sights and sounds from the "www" have been great for me this year. A lot of travleing from in front of my pc screen.
I keep playing my Christmas requests from Cincinnati singer Anne Marie Harpen.
See what I mean by ordering your own from her ad. HERE OR Opening the ADVENT calendar each day and reminescing about Christmases Past with the old time favorties at this time of year. This is not just for kids-activities.HERE

If you are like me you can't eat any of the candy canes or Christmas cookies any more but the rest of the things about Christmas are right here. Right here and in between running out for Christmas Presents for the needy at church.

I am laughing all the way!!!!!!!!!!