Thursday, December 31, 2009

Head Of World Islamic Take Over or President of the United States?

It is correct to doubt Obama's sincerity in following the oath of office for the PRESIDENCY. Call him a liar or call him duplicitous Obama must be impeached.
Yesterday in answer to those calling for strong denunciations of the Crotch Bomber on Christmas Day, Obama said that he is calling for an end of the BELLICOSE words of the past 8 years. Meaning of course the bellicosity as expressed by George Bush. What are the chances of us denouncing Bush and blaming him for setting up an attitude against islamic jihadists causing them to STRIKE AT AMERICA over and over again?
Instead of sending John Kerry to Tehran to speak to Amadinejad Obama should go to Iran and STAY THERE. Has Obama already sold out Americans and made us surrender to World Take Over by Islam? Did Obama rightly receive the Nobel Peace Prize because he gave up our country without a world wide war on Islam. The rest of the world can both laugh at his pacifism and his successes in over coming the American Patriots.
How can you prepare for the Impeachment of Obama unless you prepare yourself with facts about his actions against the Constitution and the American People.

Start by reading THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO ISLAM AND THE CRUSADES by Robert Spencer,Regnery Publishing, Inc Washington DC,2005

Bullets from the cover of the paper back book edition.* Islam teaches that Muslims must wage war to impose Islamic Law on non-Muslim states.
* American Muslim groups are engaged in huge cover-up of Islamic doctrine and history.
* Today's jihad terrorists have the same motives and goals as Muslims who fought the Crusades.
* The Crusades were defensive conflicts.
* Muslim persecution of Christians has continued for 13 centuries-and still goes on.

Is Obama a Muslim or not? If Obama is a Muslim is he waiting in the wings to be the World Caliphate or Ruler?
Do Obama's comments about not speaking out strongly against home grown Jihadists make you want to learn more about Muslims in general? To what can you compare his actions and comments of late?