Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bring O'Reilly Down To Size

O'Reilly did to Sarah what he also did in one of his interviews with George Bush. You will remember that O'Reilly and his producers made the two of them walk down the hall together. O'Reilly towered over Bush even though Bush is not short he was made to look small. First impression is O'Reilly's ego gets annoying!
The staging for Sarah and Bill was frightful. Bill towered in his host's chair and Sarah got smaller and smaller in a shorter chair. Sarah is of average height for a woman.Tricks of the trade for an enormous O'Reilly ego. Sarah was supposed to be a NEWS CONTRIBUTOR. That spot last night was not about her debut as a contributor of anything. O'Reilly turned it into an interview of Sarah. Let's hope Glenn Beck does a little better in her one hour with him tonight (Wednesday).

Sarah Palin looked very formal and serious in her black dress and very sophisticated makeup-job. I am keeping an eye on the makeup staff at FOX. I know you are too. I mean how many of us feel nauseous over Shep Smiths eye liner? You think you do not notice this but after listening a few minutes your eyes take in the whole ambiance of the scene and that includes the staging, costume and makeup.

Bill O'Reilly uses his no spin zone to spin. After last night's spin all over Sarah Palin more evidence is piling up against O'Reilly. O'Reilly asked one question of Sarah about Iran and then cut her off after he could not lead her to say she will invade Iran WHEN she is president. O'Reilly then moved on to a book review of written by Himmler and Hitler (whatever) of a book called The Game Change or some such title. The book could have been written in the Obamanation's White House by the Obat wing bats. Like out of Axe man's or Rambo's offices. The book trashes Palin . The book is about innuendo and malicious gossip spun into one ideation- that Sarah Palin is not smart.O'Reilly got those words in two or three times and ended with a phony idea of his that he (Bill) does not think Sarah is stupid.
Neither are we Bill.

As to where Billy is going with this fair and balance garbage with CAIR I do not know. Fair and balanced on the O'Reilly program means a fact is stated and then Billy boy allows a "balance" of the opposition. The only thing is the opposition is full of lies and distortions and hidden agendas.Take out time now to read this lengthy article in World Net Daily.

Arab interest in FOX was 13% or a little more. The last time I checked it was 13%. When I learned that I said what is a mere 13%? Someone else had 87% interest in Murdoch's FOX company but now it seems that the 13% is a foot in the door of a body that is interested in coming in and installing Sharia Law.

When O'Reilly gets boorish I keep him turned off. I am not a slave to his show. Just like I used to turn off Hannity when goofy Alan Colmes was on. Colmes was the "balance" or as I now think of him: he was a bad drug trip gone wild. Too much Tylenol can send me into dizzy spells just like Colmes' idiocy used to do.