Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gallup Poll and The Bus Tours

The Obama Thugs in the White House are going after Pollster Scott Rasmussen for telling the truth on his findings. Rasmussen Polls show me, for one, that Obama will be grounded for the next three years. The trouble with Democrat Socialists trying to kill the messenger is that other messengers take its place. This is a Gallup Poll on Obama. The POTUS is still going to be grounded but may attend his dates and vacations and little more.

A CNN year end report mentions The Tea Party Express as one of the causes of the poll's showings. We would hope so. Next year let us hope for one of the causes of Senator "Bribe 'em if ya have to" Reid's demise will be the Tea Party Express III which is targeting the gremlin in his bid for re-election in Nevada. Throw him and the other bums like Sen.Ben Nelson out.

Attending a Tea Party Rally usually costs nothing but your time. Our Country Deserves Better which sponsors the Tea Party Express Buses runs on your donations of $5 or $10 . Visit here and buy some EXPRESS.