Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brown Wins Debate and Raises Big Dollars

Why does Lt. Col. Scott Brown from Massachusetts remind me of General George Washington? Could it be the strong broad shoulders? Imagining him in uniform. Brown should have shown more photos of himself in uniform. This is trivia , I suppose, but Brown looks strong , sounds strong and does not hold back with Common Sense Conservatism. Washington didn't like hero worship but come on ...when you have milquetoast Reid and the guy with the sometimes knee grow dialect, to see everyday a wide shouldered gentleman is a relief to my eyes.
Brown emits enough confidence for a MONEY BOMB on $1.3 million raised on cue on January 11th. The Special Election is January 19th. The Democrat Socialists have threatened not to seat Brown right away should he win. Let me ask Reid: You and what army will stop Brown from being seated?