Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reid The Failing Leader

Our Country Deserves better than Reid and Obama. Sock it to both of them HERE Our Country Deserves Better is the TEA PARTY EXPRESS III sponsor and will be holding anti Reid ads and rallies in Harry's state of Nevada. Reid has collected $8.7 million but it is not enough to wash off the stink of treason toward the American people. Enslaving us to Death Care is anti- American and traitorous.

January 19th Special Election in Massachusetts for(R)Scott Brown. Contributions must be in by January 11th HERE. A great chance to stop the 60 vote plurality in the US SENATE. Reid is trying to ram Death Care Bill through to the POTUS dirty desk to be signed in Blood of Old People and the Unborn before January 19th. Death Care Bill is unconstitutional. Obama is anti Constitution-Reid is anti Constitution. HOW CAN WE FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION WITHOUT GIVING CONTRIBUTIONS WHEN NEEDED? Obama and Reid will dread Scott Brown on the scene.

My favorite from now to 2012 election SARAH PAC. I use an avatar of Palin in foreground and Reagan over her shoulder. That says it all.