Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Is Time To Join the Republican Party and The National Precinct Alliance

Sarah Pac is gearing up to help Conservative Candidates in either party for the 2010 election.
On his show, Sarah and Glenn Beck discussed a third party for the 2012 presidential election. She said that a third party was not in the making and that the Tea Party was not a third party. Sarah declared she was a Republican -a major party in our two party system in America. We can infer from that because there are only two major parties she would be a Republican Candidate if nominated.
It is time for all able bodied men and women to join Republicans and to join the National Precinct Alliance.
Be prepared to attend some local meetings and to walk the streets canvassing and making phone calls toward the end of the presidential campaign in 2012.
AT least a million people have signed onto Sarah's FaceBook page and asked what they could do. Now they know!
Look at the video again if you are not moved to plan your activities from now until 2012.