Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scott Brown in Special Election January 19th in MA.

Scott Brown is a MA. State Senator running for the Dead Ted Kennedy SENATE seat.
Socialist Democrats are trying to keep this election under wraps so they can keep what they call "Kennedy's Seat". Democrat Socialist nationally headed by evil geniuses like Rambo Emmanuel and Chuck Schumer like to think of the electorate as a bunch of dummies who have to do "obamabidding". ACORN will be out getting fat socialists in Boston etc to vote. On January 19th they will try and hold this seat but Conservatives are going to fight tooth and nail and wallets.
A "money bomb" is being set up for the last date to contribute to Scott Brown but I just gave some $$$. CONTRIBUTE HERE.
TWITTER's TOP CONSERVATIVES are signing up with the Scott Brown's for Senate campaign to make telephone calls into Massachusetts.
Scott Brown's election will break the 60 vote US Senate's hold on all of America. Let's break it over Reid's head. He is going to be very preoccupied by his own election in Nevada - a state that does not like him anymore. Death Care is understood in Reid's state and can be stopped by this special election of Scott to the Senate on January 19th. Give Dead Ted one more shovel of dirt so that millions of newborns and elderly may live without his DEATH CARE BILL.
Get political:
Remember January 10th is deadline to Contribute $$$.
Look for Special Election on January 19th.
What does $25 or $50 or more mean to you if you have to suffer Death Care and Death Panels and Death Counseling?
Bring Massachusetts back into the UNION.