Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who's Afraid of Chris Matthews or Harry Reid?

Who is afraid of Reid or Matthews? They are,together as one, the Wizard behind the curtain. As unsubstantial and ephemeral as you can get. They think they are power brokers and people who are not quite awake or willing to fully participate in keeping their LIBERTY,relinquish to them and Obama that power they unjustly claim is theirs.

Somehow that little twerp of a man from Las Vegas will soon have his knobby knees exposed when WE DESERVE BETTER PAC make him drop his trousers ..opps I mean drop the curtain.Tea Party Express III has mounted an ad campaign in Nevada worth thousands of dollars to get rid of Reid. No amount of defense from the blathering Chris Matthews will save him or his daddy ,Obama.

The video below is from a We Deserve Better PAC press conference. It was carried throughout Nevada. It features William Owens who certainly is an up and coming Conservative leader
I write about the TEA PARTY EXPRESS and it's main sponsor We Deserve Better all of the time because I contribute the most money to them and to SARAH PAC.
When things are not going RIGHT I give money as an answer. It worked for me in supporting Scott Brown and stopping Death Care in its spiraling attack to ruin my country and my health program. I take it all very personal and fight back the only way I can.