Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you.

Most of the people Scott Brown should have thanked were not in the room where he made his acceptance speech. The speech I might add was a Sarah Palin stump speech she always makes for Common Sense Conservatism. He forgot to mention energy independence, though. Sarah said on Greta's show that he didn't even call her for help.

All of the contributors and MONEY BOMB participants and phone callers and bloggers for Brown were not in the room. They were not thanked.
Romney, Ted Kennedy's ghost and Doug Flutie were thanked. So was Mc Cain's ghost thanked. I think when you repeat someone else's' stump speech you should say a few times where it came from.

All in all I was surprised that the crooked Bahston mob machine let him win without lawyers and a trial but that is a good thing. Kennedy might just really be dead.

Tea Party and Project 912 workers know this is not the time to drink or clebrate. There is much work to do. Working for a downfall of the Republican Establishment and the old guard like the Govenor's Association will be massive job. They must all become responsive to the DEMANDS of the people as stated by the rallys, townhall meetings and placard messages. In other words,I do not think Scott Brown or Michael Steele or FOX NEWS analyists even know how Scott Brown made it up to the stage to say, Thank you.

Palin 2012.