Sunday, January 10, 2010

Updates on Brown and Reid:BOTH GOOD

Tea Party Express III Shows this Las Vegas newspaper poll results: Good # 1. All the Republican Candidates will trounce Reid in his senate race in November. We only need one Republican to slap the b*&*&@ on November 2010.
Do contribute to Tea Party Express III ad campaign against filthy smell of a man-Reid. HERE.Our Country PAC sponsors the Tea Party Express III buses and the ads in the Nevada. Every $5 or $10 contribution we send buys a nail for Reid's coffin and his final -evil power days.


Good #2: This from the Brown in Massachusetts Campaign for US Senate seat to end Kennedy domination there. A Money Bomb Campaign for tomorrow January 11th . Pledge and contribute on the 11th HERE.
This Money Bomb comes at a time when just days away from the Special Election on January 19th BROWN IS AHEAD BY 1% Point. Nothing like a struggle and a winning poll to get people interested enough to pledge money or give it right now HERE.