Friday, July 23, 2010

Great American Patriot -Andrew Breitbart

Great American for his exposing of ACORN and The Obama Connection in video and audio. Founder of
Andrew has protected the American Patriot Tea Party Movement since its earliest days. I follow him on TWITTER @AndrewBreitbart. His TWITTER page exposes SEIU and other useful idiots who try to malign him with their tweets.

Andrew recently offered $100,000 to anyone who could produce audio or video evidence of Tea Party Patriots calling Rep.John Lewis the "N" word. Of course no one could produce such a tape as evidence.None exists nor did the event. Lewis should not try to follow despots like Obama or Pelosi,the less than nimble Speaker of the House. Lewis needs to stand alone in truth as he did during the Civil Rights Days. Obama capitalizes on emotional people and events which will cause the most division in our country-racial divisions. Pelosi caters to this ignorance and Lewis followed the same emotional path that will end no where.

White people like myself are not going to follow the righteous days of the Civil Rights movements and the early bravery of John Lewis and then as adults run out into the streets to take part in a race war. OBAMA WAS NOT PART OF THOSE EARLY DAYS NOR DOES HE UNDERSTAND THEM . He does not understand the true heart of the American Patriot . He is a divider as they say and not a uniter. The American Greatness will go on without Obama. Obama is a Marxist like his mother and father and grandparents. Marxists wish for America to implode. It will never happen. We are guided by God's justice and not the fallacy ridden Marxist "justice".

Note:Thank Andrew , wherever you see him.