Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obama' s Mess (From Drudge Report Article)

America was making real progress pre-Obama. He has an old fashioned Chicago Street Thug method to race relation problems. He belongs back on the streets with the New Black Panther Party . What they see on the street about America's race relations is a very small myopic view of reality.
Someone, who is looking at their world through a welfare check thanks to Socialist Democrats insistence on living large on entitlements, is a someone who is being denied full liberty and freedom a productive life can bring. Obama is going the wrong way and he is bringing with him a Black Community that was making progress through rightful ,strong thinking and hard work.
Looking back from 1950's to the present I see he has added nothing to the contributions and advancements Blacks have made. When viewed through an old fashioned communist gauze of the present NAACP it is obvious they too are bringing relations to a faulty end.
We can work around the NAACP, the New Black Panther Party, the Communist Party of America and even the Obama mess.
In a week or so Obama will address a conference of Black Youth. They will know this slick dude in front of them is hot air and braggadocio. I taught Black youth for over 25 years. They, more than any youth, know when they are being taken. They can get the same advice from a hustler on the corner. Unless Obama offers each and everyone of them a job for the rest of the summer they will sense a wasted day. Black Youth have an unemployment rate of 40% this summer. They see that their prospects are dim with Obama.In their minds they may turn his "in your face" strategy on him.
I am optimistic that as soon as he is gone I will again be able to give to the Negro College Fund both a contribution of money and best wishes for educational endeavors. That was the name of the fund given by the NAACP not me. Their work was top notch when not embroiled with Obama's politics.
The mess Obama has created is sickening.