Friday, July 9, 2010

A virtuous leader-Sarah Palin*

Sarah Palin is not made of Teflon where the Obama inspired attacks on her and her family slide off. No they are taken in stride and used to forge her into a mass of feminine steel. She has survived all the catty,underprivileged Alaskan attackers. She is not worried about the next round of Chris Matthews lame stream media attacks. The last wave of attacks by all of them are brushed off as lies. She knows they are lies and we are beginning to recognize them as such, too.
If they lack evidence (and they do) for their attacks and are left as mere ad hominem sallies against her,we will continue to no longer bother paying much attention to them. Little Mr. Cupid in the White House has run out of straight ,true arrows to sting her. He has a quiver full of lies and unkept promises that have blunted and bent the accurate trajectories for the arrows' shafts. They land back on him instead of on Sarah. So he is pretty busy being on the defensive.

Like the two old harpies whose picture (below) I used yesterday, Obama is not a virtuous man. A man who lies as a favorite way of communicating is not virtuous. Like the aforementioned harpies he kills defenseless babies even those up to nine months in the womb (partial birth abortions advocates). His hands are as bloody as Rep. Louise Slaughter (CD next to mine) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. These two feminine anomalies help their earthly Master, Obama. They fawn over him and cater to his every whim as they giggle like over ripe school girls for his attention.I am remembering their guest appearances at the Obama Bipartisan Death Care Summit.

Now on to Sarah Palin:Does Sarah lie? Does she cheat others out of their personal possessions with unlimited taxes? Does she kill the unborn in the womb? Do you see her ask for God's guidance in private and public instances? Can you trust her as much as George Washington was trusted by the early Founders? Does she use God's gift of COMMON SENSE wisely? Does she advocate for costly expansive government programs? Does she look at Americans as virtuous enough to be self governed and get out of their way so they can perform as such? Does she belive in being in debt and spending money that belongs to her kids and grandkids?

The balanced total comes out on her side as being a virtuous person and ergo she will be a virtuous leader. She will work with a Congress of virtuous legislators.

PALIN 2012 and until then support her good judgement to find other Common Sense, virtuous leaders for us in the Elections of 2010.
Today's e-mail from her SarahPac announced that she has given out $150,000 to such candidates as Marco Rubio (Florida),John Kasich (Ohio), and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee). I want her to do more.

*This was inspired by W. Cleon Skousen's Sections on Gifts Number One-Three in The Five Thousand Year Leap . God's Natural Law to ideas of Cicero. The Bible and great thinkers from their past and their present time inspired the Founding Fathers when they met to write the United States Constitution and to form our REPUBLIC.