Thursday, July 29, 2010

The SACLU Amicus Brief Defends No Borders With Mexico

Let's help Governor Jan Brewer .She is trying to protect not only the borders of Arizona but the people from marauding bands of drug traffickers who are killing Arizonans. They also are destroying the state's rightful land at the borders. In the meantime she has a temporary injunction from enforcing a law which would have safely solved that problem. Who is stopping her? Slick here for one.

The SACLU (add Southern to their title) is known by their other name - American Civil Liberties Union. The "Union" went to court in Phoenix yesterday with other slicks from the Attorney General's office. They all defended the rights of people that everyone is calling "citizens" of the United States but who are not.They are ILLEGAL ALIENS.
Not so fast, Slick.You just keep on licking your ice cream cones and leaving territory fought for and won by the United States unprotected. I hear there are one million people from the United States retiring in Mexico. Maybe that is where Slick should go after he is done giving us unwanted open borders and millions of more people to give real citizen's benefits to. There are wonderful people south of our border;but that is just it -they are south of it.