Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Thougts....

After a moment of wandering thoughts I shook my head and came to this... The first attack from Obama was to call the American Patriots infantile names. He is not George Washington leading the Patriots through horrendous odds against British. He was not on the side of the British -the enemy. The Revolutionary Patriots did not have many Benedict Arnolds fighting against them but they had a few. They ,at least ,did not have a Benedict Arnold as a leader.We have the worse case scenario no strong leader and he attacks us from within with words.
Then it dawned on me after reading how Bill Clinton (and George H. Bush) destroyed and dismantled our security defenses . We were left vulnerable.Our intelligence agencies sent off all helter skelter. George W. Bush was left with a mess that became very evident after the 9/11 attack. This Bush had to make up a strong defense budget and rebuild the intelligence agencies. Now Obama is dismantling our defense system once again. We have no trust in our security homeland defense. We will be attacked in some small way and it will be evident that we are ill prepared. We will be attacked again and again after that.
There will be no peace through strength. Very crucial to this argument there will be no money to spend on rebuilding our security . Obama has squandered our assets so that even if we wanted a strong defense we will not be able to have it.
Sarah Palin is right: we need a strong defense to ward off the bullies in the playground.
We can not get rid of Obama fast enough.
Five months left until we can take away Obama's reckless care of our assets.
We will be attacked over and over again with a treasonous leader leading us to the slaughter.
Who wants to be right about this?
Best to stay away from wandering thoughts.
It is Independence Day a day to celebrate winning a war and writing a document to be passed on this day 234 years ago. A document known as the Declaration of Independence.
But yet the fight is just beginning.