Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Real :My Choice for VP Consideration in 2012

Here is one of the two people I have on my wish list for the VP position for Governor Sarah Palin in 2012. It is Lt.Col Allen West and he has 99 days to win a House of Representative's seat this November; then I hope his name will be Palin's list too. What a great team they would make.

Hear Allen West speak. I watched his U-tube speeches about three months ago from a Tea Party Rally. The Tea Party Movement supports him whole heartily. I was amazed at the force he used to present Conservative Constitutionalist's ideas for our country. He was supported by Governor Palin early on. Palin 's endorsements represent what our country needs. The Socialist Democrats try to pass off their candidates as Conservative but look for our Union's label. It will mention the words C O N S T I T U T I O N. That is how you tell who is the authentic Conservative candidate. We will not let this administration form the "rules" for 2012 . They do not get a say in what the Republican Party stands for or what the Tea Party Movement is all about. Allen West breaks up their campaign to malign anyone who does not agree with Obama's agenda. West breaks into pieces and almost single handily smashes the Socialist Obama agenda. He would,IMO, help in taking back our country by 2012.This is all part of making our nation great once again.

The people of Florida rushed to give him contributions and he is ahead in the polls. Listen to his speeches and go to his site. He is running from a district on Florida's east coast. Check out his site's map for the Congressional District. His site is here.