Friday, July 16, 2010

Young Man In A Hurry

The hopes of finding a virtuous man for the job of POTUS are diminishing with each day. Obama was elected without full disclosure and analysis as to who he was or where he came from. It is too late with our form of government to turn back.

My thoughts are that he has taken the majority of grievances from the last lines of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE and inflicted what they say on us in 2008,2009 and 2010.
234 years later we are like the early colonialists including the Founders trying to ward off King George. They expressed what was happening to them in a written declaration. Reread :Declaration of Independence here.There are some items that do not apply but most of them do. As I read my copy of them last night it became obvious that we are confronted by the same list . Obama is not of "royalty" like King George evidently was. But he is as despotic as George and as worrisome. He attacked us and the Tea Party Patriots who tried to redress their complaints by attending Townhall meetings and marching in the street with posters addressing their (OUR) complaints. The NAACP and the Obama army of SEIU thugs and New Black Panther Party paramilitary thugs think it is about them- about alleged cases of racism. Americans in the Tea Party movement do not have time to reopen old wounds from the sporadic and violent days of exhibiting racism in America. Since 1787 and the Northwest Ordinance right thinking Americans have tried to end slavery and in doing so end the unequal treatments of Blacks in our midst. Not to mention the whole Civil War to help end inequality.
Sitting around pretending are those that want us to forget there were Ordinances and Proclamations, a civil war, and 13 14 15 Amendments to the Constitution .No one is going to believe Michelle or Barack Obama or the rest of the rabble rousing community organizers.
Michelle and crew want not equal rights but a Communist set of laws to share goods, property and all possessions equally. Not equal access but an actual transfer of money and goods and property.
They are a distraction from the despotic acts of the POTUS. They can call to arms and rant and rave at a convenient target ,the Tea Party Movement, all they want. It is we who have to remain strong and focused to remove the thorn from our side. Redistributing our possessions and property will take away our personal freedom. We do not consent to this. We did not give anything away to King George nor will we do it on the say so of Marxist Obama.

Representative Michele Bachmann pointed out in Mark Levin Show interview that in this Congressional Lame Duck session we should expect to see them in November and December ramming through the rest of Obama's destructive agenda.
The agenda was not written by the Congress as called for by the U.S. Constitution but by dozens of unelected appointed CZARS working for Obama. That is why Obama, himself ,Pelsoi and Reid are confused as to the exact wording of the 2000 pages each of the Death Care Law or the Cap and Tax Bill or the Financial Reform Bill. That is why Pelosi innocently says we will not know what is in any bill until it is passed. She had not a clue. She and the others in both Houses of Congress have relinquished their rights to write legislation. All this without an amendment to the U.S.Constitution allowing for it to be that way.
Bills on raising tax appropriations for National Defense outlays or any other budget items requiring increases of our taxes (16th Amendment) have been constructed by the CZARS appointed by Obama.Blurring the distinct jobs of the three branches of government. Obama can undo all of the defense systems he wants to without our viewpoints being taken into account. The 16th Amendment instructed the Congress to write tax laws. We have no say this way. We would have had it been done by and through our elected representatives.
All unconstitutional !
All are grievances against this Obama government.

Obama et al want to shred the Constitution because they do not want to abide by it. Tyranny!
If the Congress were to bring up Impeachment Proceedings (Article II Section 4) in the House Obama could not turn them back no matter how many CZARS , or para military "Soldiers" are on the streets.Remember how he took so long to make a statement about the Iranian Patriots who took to the streets and died for their freedoms? He slyly was on the side of Ahmadinejad and the religious leaders who brutally suppressed them.
Use your copy of the U.S. Constitution and write your own feelings down about your vanishing freedoms.