Monday, July 26, 2010

July 2010 All About Cute Trig Palin

From my Facebook Comments to Sarah Palin's Page:
I am a retired Special Education Learning Disabilites classroom teacher.
I look at how Trig has grown stronger in each and every one of his pictures since he was first photographed. He has had growth bcause he is from a loving , nurtuting and TEACHNG family.
That is your job, Sarah and Todd. To teach him , to hold him and to nurture him.
It is weird but I wonder if thousands who see you pictured with him makes him know how much he is loved by America. Every child grows and learns at different rates. He has been an exceptional learner to me.
After every picture of him there are comments like how much we adored seeing his little white framed glasses and how happy he looked sitting on your lap while you read to him or kissed him. We commented on how proud Todd looked to be holding Trig.
So you see that is what We the People have been thinking all of this time. Maybe you did not know this Sarah but now you do.
I read blogs and comments from the other side and thought about how much they reminded me of looking at the scene of an accident. How shocked we are to see the accident that we stare. We look at the Lame Stream Media and wonder how off beat they are.

Not to worry; keep faith in the real world.

PALIN 2012.
Picture of Palin speaking for PRO*LIFE.