Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cafeteria Catholics

There are not two positions of the Roman Catholic Church about abortion. There is one tradition and one teaching . Nancy Pelosi not only does not follow the CONSTITUTION she does not follow the teachings of the Church in the set of rules called the Magisterium. Catholics do not get to choose one from column A and one from column B like they would at lunch time in a cafeteria.
Nancy Pelosi is not a good bearer of "THE WORD". She is a Catholic who should stop herself from going to the Holy Communion rail.
St. Paul in Corinthians said those leaders who persisted in sin were committing a sacrilege if they were not in the State of Grace when they receive Communion. She is a leader who is in favor of abortion.She listens and follows her own set of rules.
She should be ex-communicated . When the Catholic Bishops of the United States get their act together they will do that. Until then...
She should separate herself from the Church by not receiving Communion.
She should condemn herself.
As for our part :We should pray for her.
It is really grating to have her outside the laws - as a non follower of rules. Joe Biden and John Kerry are also two leaders who do not follow the rules of our Church nor of the United States.
Killing of the unborn babies and slashing our Constitution which they have sworn to uphold makes them outlaws.These are leaders of ill repute. They are not governing by consent of the people. They do not follow God's teachings in their personal life. I do not expect much from them. Nor will I ever look up to people like this. I am having a hard enough time keeping myself on a righteous personal path. I would be as weak as they are as leaders but at least I would resign if the people marched in droves to protest me and my actions at the place where I work.
No, the Tea Parties are not going to fade away any time soon. The past few years have shown us what poor leaders will do to us. Nor should Catholics back away from condemning leaders who break the rules of their faith.