Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Video Is Effective

The Mama Grizzlies video is lauded by American women who appear to be ready to vote for the best debt free future for their children and grandchildren. This goads the left because in order for them to admit to its truth they would have to admit to the enormous dangerousand unruly debt Obama is leaving.
Sarah attacks Obama's spend thrift ways and cuts him at the knees. She does not think that Obama should ignore women who are going to protect their children from the attacks on the left. Who would want to admit to such a thing and so of course the lame stream Obama Media and left loons like Senator Menendez (as THE HILL referred to him) are on the defensive. The video is aimed at women who have more than concerns about our Nation's Financial Collapse; they join everyone else who will rise up and slash this Obamanation.
More and more voters see that the lame stream media failed to or purposely left out the facts of just exactly who Obama is. They do not like the slide into Socialism lead by the Marxist POTUS.They were blindsided by what was waiting for them by electing Obama.
So this video is a target for the left as they too claw their way to keep things the Obama way. Obama trys to only put his name on what he thinks will give him a positive spin but women have been betrayed and will answer him with political growls and a NO vote of confidence.