Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Constitutional Crisis : Report From New York State

The Disclosure Act sponsored in part by Sen.Chuck Schumer(D-NY) has failed. Freedom of speech in political campaigns has again been restored to the First Amendment .
Rep. Louise Slaughter like Schumer is from New York State. She was so pleased when the Socialist Democrats, with her help ,could jam any bill through for passage after they successfully pushed the Death Care Bill into Law. The main problem is that Schumer and Slaughter will be re-elected . The people in the Rochester area of New York are just like everyone else in the nation. We do not approve of the Death care Law but do not have enough votes to get rid of the two sponsors of crisis after crisis.

The Electoral College is being bypassed by several state legislatures. Massachusetts passed a bill to bypass the Constitutional way of electing presidents. This will allow for the removal the College and a direct election by the popular votes on election day.See the article here.
New York State is in a vulnerable position and the MA.diseases may spread here.The only glimmer of hope on the horizon is the candidate for governor of NY ,
Carl Paladino.He will break the strong hold the Socialist Democrats have on New York. In the meantime ,keep an eye on Schumer and Slaughter ;they try to take away more power from the PEOPLE every month.